You have two options: laugh or cry...I chose to laugh.

You have two options:
laugh or cry…I chose to laugh.

I wake-up with blog ideas in my head…every…day. Some have been inspired by women I speak to before or after workouts, some at the schoolyard, and others, just cruising social media.  As a former owner of a successful natural healthcare clinic, and wife of a chiropractor, I have seen the wellness industry drastically change over the past 2 decades.

Yes, I was one of those “granola”-labeled girls of the late 90s.  I ate organic when it wasn’t proven to be worth the obscene (and it was) amount of money that you had to pay at a run-down, quirky, but friendly, local coop.  There wasn’t a Whole Foods on every block, and if you went dairy-free you just didn’t eat dairy, you didn’t have readily available coconut milk ice cream to indulge in.  I practiced yoga before the fitness industry seized on the trend; juiced and took supplements (dangerous at the time!) and sought out the latest in safe water bottles.  People thought we were crazy…and, when we opened our clinic in 2002, suggesting to many patients a detoxification program or a change in lifestyle (i.e. reduced stress, maybe taking out the morning bagels) you can only imagine the eye-rolls.

With this said, we were on the cusp or the forefront of this very popular and trendy wellness revolution.  So, as I open Facebook and see the excitement and sharing of the studies involving Vit D supplementation, toxins in our skincare, and benefits of eating gluten free, excuse me for not getting too excited.  It kind of makes me feel like I was already at the party.  I was fired-up about this (with many others) years ago and I still am…but now I am cautiously fired-up.  I don’t jump on the latest trend, but rather, use previous knowledge (and mistakes) as well as my inner- circle of wellness gurus to provide feedback.

What I REALLY feel inspired to do is share my knowledge and first-hand experience with some of these wellness products, lifestyle choices and future trends.  Call it what you will, but I have this nagging voice in my head telling me that it is my responsibility to share my experience in the fitness/wellness industry with others.

For example, we have used a variety of probiotics (and our kids have) for years.  I often hear groups of women talking about these…but, questioning…what type/brand/how much?   I never used to hear so much “healthy” group chat.  Knowing I’ve been swimming in this wellness pond for decades, I often get the same questions from people throughout the week (texts, emails, messages) asking for my opinion.  Another sign that I needed to blog.

In a nutshell, this blog is to share my experience, old and new, on all things pertaining to health and wellness.  I am not a nutritional, fitness, nor health expert.  But, what I do have is firsthand experience and the experiences I witnessed thru my former wellness clinic and friends/family.  I hope you enjoy the content, and keep in mind that this is based on my journey thus far.